Areas of expertise


We support and represent you in your asylum case from the application until the highest courts. We accompany you to the police station to apply for asylum, to the authorities (BFA) for your interview or the administrative court (BVwG) for your hearing. Of course you receive a detailed preparation for any hearing in your procedure.

If you receive a negative decision by the authorities or the court, we can file an appeal for you. We have years of experience and expertise especially with the higher administrative court and the constitutional court – both courts in which you need assistance by a lawyer. We will inform you honestly and realistically about your chances beforehand.

If you receive an order to leave Austria or an entry ban, you can contact us for an assessment of your perspectives and chances.


You have an Austrian residence permit and want to reunite with your family?
You have a company in Austria and want to employ a foreign national?
You want to study in Austria?

We can help you find a realistic option suited to your wishes within the often complicated system of immigration in Austria.

If you already live in Austria and wish to change to a different residence permit, we can also support you.

Austrian citizenship

Obtaining the Austrian citizenship is complicated. There are months of waiting time to receive an appointment, the procedures often take years, you have to provide new documentation regularly, the authority does not respond to inquiries. We can support you by preparing your application well and adjusted to the authority’s regulations and do our best to achieve a faster decision in your case.

Criminal law

We represent you in criminal procedures – whether you have been the victim of a crime or you are accused of a crime.

If you have a suspect in a criminal case, we support you in dealing with the police, the prosecution and represent you in court. Ideally you should contact us as soon as possible, in order to work out an efficient defence strategy.

If you have become the victim of a crime, we can help you receive compensation for damages caused.

Tenancy law

We offer consultation in all matters concerning tenancy. If you have doubts regarding your lease agreement, we can check it for you. If you wish for an individual leasing contract to be drafted, you can contact us as well.

In case of any problems or disputes, we can represent you in front of the authorities („Schlichtungsstelle“) or the courts.

Media law

We also offer consultation and support in all matters related to media law, especially if your personal rights have been violated.